Q- How to send or transfer money to a account?

A-Go to Transfer money section and click on to account button. Tap on to the bank account or add a new recepient account under the bank accounts. Fill in the required details- Account number, IFSC code and phone mumber of the payee.Tap confirm button. Then, enter the amount you would like to send and complete the transfer after entering your UPI PIN.

Q- How to set Payment Reminder on the amerowallet app?

A- Setting a payment reminder adds to your convinience and helps us serve you better so that you do not skip paying your electricity bills and important transactions. Go to My money and Tap Reminders. Then click on Add Reminders, then Add recipient and choose a contact or UPI ID. Then set the amount that is due for the coming date and set the frequency of reminder. Click on save button and then the amerowallet will notify you about the payment on the date you have set reminder for.